Rooms in the West Wing

The west wing was originally meant for staff who worked at Juelsberg. The maids had their rooms here and made meals in the large kitchen in the basement.

Today the maid’s rooms have been decorated with antique and beautiful furnitures and are available for rent.

In all, 6 double rooms can be rented with access to a TV room, lovely bath rooms and the manor’s kitchen in the basement.

Pictures of the rooms​

Juelsberg slot •  Bed & Breakfast • Juelsbergvej 11 • 5800 Nyborg • Tlf: 65 31 00 99 • Fax: 65 31 02 15​

We have closed our bed and breakfast from April 2018.

We would like to say thank you to all our faithful guests for some lovely visits to the almost 15 years we have had bed and breakfast at Juelsberg.

Erik and Lise-Lotte Juel​