The Manor Kitchen


Until the beginning of the last century all food for the manor was prepared in this kitchen.

These days breakfast can be enjoyed in this newly refurbished room.

While the buffet is the manor worthy, it is not quite the same as in the old days (see below!).

These days the buffet is likely to consist of the following:

Freshly pressed oranges or apples. Delicious bread, eggs, cheese, small pancakes, fruit smoothies from seasonal fruits, coffee/tea/milk and fresh fruits.

​The workers’ quarters in 1873

Transcripts from the housemaid Caroline Ludvigsens’ journals about the workers’ quarters on Juelsberg in 1873-74


When the cows come out, the shephards get schnapps with every lunch. When the cows lie outside, the shephards get schnapps with dinner as well.


When hay harvesting begins, everyone gets a schnapps with every bite of food during teh day as well as one in the evening when they don’t get an afternoon nap. Nobody gets beer before they begin to mow the meadow, - then a pailful of old beer is blended with 2 pailfuls of fresh both morning and for lunchtime. They get all 5 schnapps every day.


During the harvest time the workers get weat bread the first time when theydrive in the rye, then they each get a piece of weat bread and 2 peices of rye bread for lunch and each 5 snapps of labelled bottles and normally 2pails of old beer blended with the fresh beer. The workers get butter in their porridge for lunch and syrup on the pancakes. They furthermore get full fat milk in the late evenings in the final days of harvest.

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We have closed our bed and breakfast from April 2018.

We would like to say thank you to all our faithful guests for some lovely visits to the almost 15 years we have had bed and breakfast at Juelsberg.

Erik and Lise-Lotte Juel​