Golf in the park

The 38 acre park surrounding Juelsberg Manor includes a historic 9 hole golf course.

While holes are par 3 & 4, skill and precision is more of a requirement here than on most modern courses. The tall old trees, the broad lakes, the tennis court, and other garden obstructions quickly sets anyone with a slice or a hook back.

As it was common 50 years ago, greens and fairways are less trimmed than the manicured golf courses of today. And as there usually aren’t any other players to take into consideration, this experience is completely unique.

In other words, rhis is an apportunity to play a round of golf just like in the old days on your own private course.

Green fees: 100 kr. per round per day

Golf on Sct. Knuds golf course
The old and well reknowned Sct. Knuds golf course is less than 10 minutes drive from Juelsberg. The 18 hole course is beautifully located by the water and with beautiful holes passing through the woods.

Walking, rowing or fishing.

Enjoy a relaxing walk in the 38 acre park stretchinmg out behind the manor. Go for a de-stressing walk the Juelsberg woods or by the beach along the Great Belt sea.

Or enjoy rowing or fishing in the private Hjulby Lake (approx. 68 acres) where youcan catch pikes, trout, zander and eels.

Price: 100 kr. Per person per day including the rowing boat.

NB: This is only available for guests staying overnight.

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We have closed our bed and breakfast from April 2018.

We would like to say thank you to all our faithful guests for some lovely visits to the almost 15 years we have had bed and breakfast at Juelsberg.

Erik and Lise-Lotte Juel​