The fishing cottage

Renting the cottage:

An idyllic situated little fishing cottage with its private lake (approx. 68 acres). The cottage is newly refurbished and contains a living room with an open fireplace, double sofa bed and a gorgeous view over the lake, a bedroom with a double bed, kitchen and a little bathroom.

There is sleeping space for max. 4 persons.
In the lake you can catch pikes, trout, zander and eels.
The fishing cottage gives an unrivalled opportunity to experience private fishing or enjoy a relaxing break from everyday life.

Practical information about hiring the cottage:

Address: Lindenborgvej 4, 5800 Nyborg
Things to bring along with you: Bed linen, towels and tea towels.
There is electric heating in the cottage. The electricity meter will be read at check-in and check-out. Price kr. 2.50 per kw used. Price per firewood used for the fireplace: kr. 3.

Parking is not allowed in the farm yard, but intented for the green area outside.
The cottage must be cleaned before departure and all rubbish should be placed in the rubbish bins by the hedge.
A maximum of 4 people in the house at any time and guests are not allowed to be invited to fish in the lake.
Oars for the boat can be found in the little outhouse extending from the cottage. These should be returned here after use. There is also some garden furniture and a little barbeque grill for use in the outhouse.
There are ”fishing rules” in the house which need to be adhered to.
There is NO TV in the house. Enjoy tranquility and nature in this little oasis.
Call or send an email to book.

Price per week from Saturday 1:00pm till Saturday 10:00am: kr. 3500 + fuel consumption + kr. 400 for check-out cleaning.
Price per weekend (only in off-season) Friday 1:00pm till Sunday 4:00pm: kr. 1700 + fuel consumption + kr. 400 for check-out cleaning.

The price includes fishing in the lake and the use of 1 rowing boat.

Closed for winther 1.12.2014 til 4.5.2015

Call for further information.

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We have closed our bed and breakfast from April 2018.

We would like to say thank you to all our faithful guests for some lovely visits to the almost 15 years we have had bed and breakfast at Juelsberg.

Erik and Lise-Lotte Juel​